Friday, 22 June 2018

YO!! Kanye West’s BUTT Is Now Bigger… Than Kim Kardashian’s!!! (See Photo Comparison)

Kanye West‘s booty has grown significantly – since marrying Kim. Now it appears that his butt is even larger than Kim’s. We suspect that Kanye’s THICK BOOTY is natural.

Yeezy unveiled his PLUMP CAKES at this years Louis Vuitton Men’s Fashion Show in Paris.

He was attending the first ever show of his former MENTEE Virgil Abloh – the new head of Louis Vuitton Men’s Fashion. The two embraced after the show and started crying.

It was a touching moment. But we couldn’t help but notice the size of Kanye’s CAKES

Here’s Kanye’s BUTT now – for COMPARISON

Here’s the touching video:

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