Thursday, 19 July 2018

Kim Kardashian Made $1 Million A Minute From New Fragrance Line… Now Thats Somebody’s Net Worth!

Kim Kardashian is making serious money has she reportedly made $1 Million a minute from new fragrance line.

Kim released her newest set of perfumes on Tuesday, and without spending a cent on advertising, her new products made a whopping $5 million in 5 minutes.

Her new fragrance line had three new scents, Kimoji Cherry, Kimoji Peach and Kimoji Vibes, and since the launch, Kim only used social media and her famous family and friends to help spread the word. Her zero advertising move proved to work since she reportedly pulled in $5 million in five minutes.

The new bottles sell for $45 each and her promo packages included candy and treats that matched the flavour of each scent.

This isn’t the first time Kim has come into millions form her KKW beauty line. Back In February when the reality star dropped off her Valentine’s collection, she reportedly made $10 million in four days.

“When I do something and it’s successful, it just empowers me and makes me want to work even harder,” Kim previously stated about her successful endeavours.

“My kids, my family, my husband, if you only heard the bathroom conversations between me and my husband every morning and night, those moments motivate me.

It’s important to take time for me, my husband, my kids…and just have a really supportive team. Be with someone who builds you up.”

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