Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Lady Who Went On A First Date With A Guy Attempts To Order Takeaway Packs For Her Friends… You Won’t Believe The Shocking Thing The Guy Did Next!!!

A Nigerian guy has taken to social media to share how a lady he met in person for the first time was going to use him as a means of feeding her friends.

According to the guy, he and the lady had been chatting together for some months and thy decided to meet in person and when they finally did, the lady made a quite interesting motion after their date.

The guy revealed that after they’d had a meal worth about 5 thousand Naira, the lady then proceeded to order takeaways for her friends which cost about 7k – it was at this point the guy left her and afterwards, the following conversation ensued when they continued chatting.

He shared screenshots of their chats, writing,

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