Thursday, 22 November 2018

EXPOSED!! Famous Actress Liz Anjorin Reveals Her SUGAR DADDY Who Bought Her A CAR… This Will Shock You

Famous Nollywood actress Liz Anjorin has revealed the identity of the person who got her car.

The actress made this statement while appearing as guest on TVC entertainment splash.

She said:

”These days, you have to mean a lot to a man before he would spend so much on you. When I said a ‘sugar daddy’ bought me a car, I was referring to God.’

”Most of us, women are sometimes troublesome and naughty, and that is why it appears like there is always feud among us in the Industry. You should know that quarreling happens everywhere.

” I wouldn’t want to mentor any young person admiring me because they have no idea the extent I go to be who I am. They should take their mothers as their role models. Also, they shouldn’t fall for everything they see on social media.”

If you recollect, the actress recently bought a car and mentioned that it was bought by her Sugar Daddy.

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